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If you are looking for the best quality and best styles in both Individual classic lashes, pre-made fans and strip lashes search no more.


Suitable for use with classic one-on-one lash application techniques, the low tack tape allows easy removal from the strip. EsiLash lashes have been cleverly designed to largely increase the bonding area and merge around client’s natural lash, maximising lash retention . Create a full and glamorous look easily with these weightless luxurious lashes!


  • MATERIAL – Completely hyper-allergic. Double treated to achieve superior curl retention, feel ultra soft & luxurious . 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT  –  A fraction of the weight of normal eyelash extensions, 70% lighter than faux mink lashes. Vegan friendly.
  • APPLICATION  –  Flat base provides a more secure bond. Featured split tip creates the illusion of volume. Comfortable to wear, less irritated feel to eyelid.
  • RETENTION  –  Perfect for ‘wrap on’ natural lashes with largely increased bonding area to gain maximum lash retention.

Premade fans

Volume Fans

Volume Fans 0.10 3D Lightest Lash Luxury Individual Eyelash Extensions

Volume Fans 0.07 3D Lightest Lash Luxury Individual Eyelash Extensions

Volume Fans 0.10 4D Lightest Lash Luxury Individual Eyelash Extensions

Volume Fans 0.07 4D Lightest Lash Luxury Individual Eyelash Extensions


  • MATERIAL    Completely hyper-allergic. Inheriting all the great features of our ever-popular classic ESiLash lashes, ESiLash Pre-made Volume Lashes are ultra-light weight, with superior curl retention.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT    All ESiLash Pre-made Volume Lashes have been designed to ensure they weigh less than a classic single 0.20 Cashmere lashes.
  • APPLICATION    Easily detach from tape and apply to one natural eyelash hair by classic 1:1 technique, effectively tripling the volume. Saving your time (or your staff time) for more appointments.
  • STYLING    Available in 0.07/0.10(mm) diameter from 3D/4D, 9mm to 14mm in C and D curl.

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